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Mary Jones is a 30-year-old woman who graduated from DePaul University in Chicago with a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration in 2006.  She is single but spends as much time with her 18-month twin nephews, Jack and Joey. She hopes to have a huge family in the near future. Mary recently bought a 2014 Corolla, knowing it is a safe family car. She enjoys crafting, running and volunteering her time, especially with organizations that support veterans.

Mary’s sister, Jen lost her husband out in Afghanistan last year, leaving her nephews, Jack and Joey without a father.

Since then, Mary has done everything to help her sister with the boys and has looked into organizations that support veterans because she feels a deep connection to our country’s warriors and desires to serve them as they served out country.

She recently came across an organization called EdgeAlliance that is a Chicago non-profit organization, which assists its members in developing and operating quality housing and providing life-enriching services to vulnerable individuals and families, especially to homeless veterans.

She heard about an event that EdgeAlliance was hosting in order to raise money for homeless veterans. EdgeAlliance’s 21st Dining Out for Life Chicago! More than 80 restaurants will donate a portion of sales for the agency’s HIV/AIDS housing programs. Last year, 9,000 diners came out to raise over $115,000.

She believes building a sense of community is what this campaign is all about, there’s no better way to support a great cause than over good food and fabulous drinks with your friends.

She supports EdgeAlliance because this organization is committed to serving the needs of Veterans that are homeless. Programs aim to achieve stable housing, improve wellness and transition towards greater independence.Image

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